How to Choose Dance Classes for Your Child

9 January 2023
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Dance classes have a lot of benefits for children, from teaching perseverance and problem-solving to helping them meet new friends. However, as described below, it's important to choose a dance class that suits their unique needs.

Think Carefully About the Type of Dance

The first thing you should do is carefully consider what type of dance your child would like to learn. Have a conversation with your child about dance classes, and get an idea of what they want to achieve. If they want to learn ballet or tap dancing, it should be easy to find local classes aimed at beginners. However, they may want to learn a more modern dance style and dance to their favourite pop music. Whatever type of dance you choose, your child will benefit a lot from dance. Dance boosts confidence, helps kids keep fit, and improves balance, coordination, and flexibility.

Consider Convenience

When you've narrowed down the type of dance class you're looking for, it's time to think about which dance studios and classes are right for your family. You should think about location, especially if you plan to walk to class or use public transport. How easy is it to get there? Think also about the times of the classes and how they fit around school, family life and other activities. Consider the cost of classes, and how they compare to other studios. What about the facilities? Is there somewhere for you to wait during classes or is it close enough to home that you don't need to? Think carefully about the logistics of particular studios and classes.

Get a Feel for the Instructor's Teaching Style

Finally, it might be a good idea to find out if you can sit in on or observe a class, to find out what the atmosphere's like and what the instructor's teaching style is. If this isn't possible, it might be a good idea to search online for detailed reviews or chat with other parents with kids in the class. There is no one correct teaching style, as every child wants something different from a dance class. However, look at how the instructor gives corrections, whether they give individual feedback and guidance to each child, how serious the tone of the class is and what the structure of the class looks like. You can then figure out how suited to your child it is. Maybe your child is desperate to learn technically brilliant ballet steps or maybe something with more creativity and less structure would suit them.

By choosing a dance class that fits your child's interests, suits your family life and schedule and is taught in a way that'll work for your child, you can ensure their first experience of dance classes is a good one. Keep these tips in mind when looking for dance classes near you.